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Technology: Does it foster or hinder relationships? January 30, 2012

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Technology is fascinating the way it is constantly evolving. What is even more fascinating is how we adapt our lives around it. So much so that it has changed the dynamics of relationships.


In many ways it has been a blessing. Couples can be separated by thousands of miles and still have face to face conversations everyday via Skype. We can easily learn about big events like engagements or pregnancies from people in all sectors of our lives. Facebook allows me to see my cousin’s children in Maryland. With relationship statuses, news feeds and tagged photos it makes it more difficult for someone to cheat on you without finding out. Plus, technology lets you stalk people legally. (Or as I refer to it ‘research’.) But, there is a dark side to all these gadgets.


Because of the ease of communication that technology has provided, we expect a lot of it. Since texting is effortless we become upset if a guy has not texted all day. You can tell your significant other that you were staying in but the next day pictures of you are tagged taking shots with your cute ‘friend’ from Biology class. People can become jealous for the most random of reasons such as ‘liking’ a girl’s picture. With iPhones providing the World Wide Web at your fingertips constantly it can get in the way of alone time. Instead of focusing on your significant other you have everyone on the Internet competing for your attention.


Many of fights have started because of something to do with technology. Whether it is not texting or a Facebook comment, it can lead to a potential end in a relationship. However, many relationships would have never started without the help of technology. Does it foster or hinder relationships? I guess that is an individual decision for us all.