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Women and Weddings December 31, 2011

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What is it about weddings that women love so dearly? Is it because we imagine ourselves as the bride, the center of attention? Partially, yes. But what I think it really is a real-life fairytale we can actually obtain.

Growing up us girls dream of being a princess. Whether we played with dolls or mud pies, we all wanted our prince charming to take us away to live happily ever after. As we grow older the dream of perfection fades gradually but the one thing we hold onto is the wedding. It is a day that we plan for months or years down to the last detail. We try our hardest to make everything perfect down to the smallest features in the centerpieces. Many women spare no expense for their ‘special day’ because for most of us, our wedding is the closest thing to a fairytale we will ever have.

Take Cinderella, the story that relates most to a wedding. She works hard all day long, underappreciated just wanting to go to the ball. Her Fairy Godmother appears and transforms her rags into the gown of her dreams. She walks into the dance and all eyes are on her. She bewitches the prince to fall in love with her and until the clock strikes midnight, her evening is perfect. Deep down, that is what all girls attempt, Cinderella’s enchanting evening.

Life is not fair or perfect. Happily ever after may not be achievable for all. However, every woman deserves to feel like a beautiful princess on her wedding day. Even if that means becoming neurotic with the flower placements or spending too much on a dress, we all deserve a fairytale at least once in our life.