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(22) Men and Women’s TV Shows: Pawn Stars vs. Antique Roadshow November 27, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — Jen J. Ashley @ 3:49 am

To me, nothing shows the difference between men and women’s TV shows then Pawn Stars and Antique Roadshow. Basically, the content is the same. People bring in their old stuff and have these experts appraise them and tell them what it is worth. The basic principles of the shows are the same but the formats are very different.

Antique Roadshow deals with all antiques, lamps, tables, pictures, vases and more. When you watch Pawn Stars the only objects they tend to show are weapons, cars, and early revolutionary period items. Whenever a wide scan around the shop happens you an see that most of the items in the story is actually rings, even though you never see them buy a piece of jewelry. They spend the most time talking about money. Just look at the names of the show! To attract male viewers they named it something close to many men’s hearts, porn.

You always hear that women have to drag their husbands ‘antiquing’ on the weekends. The success of this show proves that men actually enjoy looking at antiques; it is just about how you present it to them. Just relate it to money and porn and you have your men antiquing every weekend.



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