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(21) Planning Makes Perfect: Even for Streaking November 26, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — Jen J. Ashley @ 10:04 pm

I just watched this video on You Tube. Before I continue with my remarks, you have to watch this…



This is hilarious. Not because it was streaking (an activity I am not usually fond of) but because of the expert planning that went into this it was made a success. Unlike most people who streak who are just drunk looking for a laugh, this one was different.  He dressed himself in the appropriate garments for a referee, demanded attention by running out there blowing the whistle and went for it.

If he was an average streaker he would be put on You Tube but with not much of a spike. But this guys got chants from the crowd and almost two and a half million hits on the Internet. It was all because he put some thought into his prank. Just goes to show you, planning will make everything better.


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