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(20) Movies Losing Their Creativity November 26, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — Jen J. Ashley @ 5:40 am

Have you watched movie trailers recently? It seems that writers have replaced interesting plot lines with gore, action and special effects. I hate to say it, but Hollywood has loss their touch.

If you aren’t seeing a sequel of a movie that was a mild success there is a re-make of a classic.  Most trailers now giveaway the entire movie and if they don’t, it is reasonable enough to guess most plot lines. Take a look at a romantic comedy. First skeptic girl/guy meet, then one dishonors the other. This usually happens through a bet about the significant other. The couple surprisingly falls in love when they find out how they have been wronged by the other. There is a dramatic break-up, sadness, and then somehow they rekindle their love and live happily ever after.

There have been a few good movies recently that I have enjoyed. What most of them have in common is they were great books. Thankfully, authors have not lost their creativity (mostly). Great movies like The Help were great books before. Going to the movies used to be an experience, now I can’t imagine paying for most of them. (In all honesty, I haven’t gone to a movie that wasn’t a date in years.)

I don’t propose an idea how to fix this. Writing a successful screenplay probably has some sort of tried and true formula. With the mass amount of money it takes to make a movie the gross profit has to be enormous. I just wish there was a studio out there who says ‘we have enough money now, let’s make good movies instead.’ Until that day, we will just have to suffer with crappy movies.


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