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(19) TiVo: How Advertising Adapted to it November 26, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — Jen J. Ashley @ 2:01 am

As I am sitting at home after my food coma from Thanksgiving, I am watching my Mom’s recorded shows and I click on Top Chef. Because it is on TiVo, I fast-forward through the commercials. As an advertising major I thought to myself  “How has TiVo effected advertising?” When my program came back on I watched as the drama of who will have to pack their knives and go when it hit me, advertising is everywhere in this show! Product placement is how advertisers have adapted to TiVo.

Take the show I am watching, Top Chef. You can see Fiji waters placed strategically in view; Whole Foods is elegantly placed to fit all their culinary needs. Many challenges have a sponsor. The one I am currently watching is a Chili challenge where Tabasco was the sponsor. They all cook on beautiful new Kenmore appliances and the prize money is furnished by Glad. Really, advertisers are genius.

Instead of just an advertisement for their product, they have found a way to integrate their products into the shows people already know and love. It seems to me much more effective. Unless you are really looking for it, you wouldn’t know that you are being shown ads. It makes me think, if product placement was banned, how would advertisers adapt to that? Maybe one day we will see…


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