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(12) A Brand In the Real World November 10, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — Jen J. Ashley @ 8:28 pm

There is this small, extremely creative agency called NORTH in Portland, Ore. They represent some great clients but the one that matters to me is Deschutes Brewery.

It isn’t because I am a beer-lover to the extreme. It isn’t even because the brand is from my home town, (well, that is pretty awesome) it is because the brand was able to put themselves into the outside world. This is what I am talking about …

This is beautiful work. It is in large part magnificent because it filmed the surrounding areas of Deschutes Brewery, their muse. It takes fans on their journey of the country, but of their creations to. Basically what I am saying is I want to do create this shared brand experience for a brand myself someday. Bravely done, Deschutes.



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