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(9) #OccupyWallStreet October 31, 2011

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This weekend was Halloween where you really get to see the creativity of University of Oregon students expressed via costumes. I was shocked to see many people dressed up as the ‘1%’ referring to the one percent of people in the US who control 40 percent of the wealth. To me, the movement hasn’t been completely relevant. I have gotten the emails from UO alerting me about the Eugene movement, I have followed the hashtags conversations on Twitter and that is about it. Other than that, I have learned very little about this movement. But, I decided to look into it.

Will this movement have any lasting effects on our society? I have not seen any advertisements about it but that doesn’t mean I won’t. This movement has reached nation wide. Can it have any effects on the advertising industry? Of course it can.

Look at the 1960’s; advertising was never the same because of the social movements. We would have never had women or people of color without the civil rights movements. Good advertising is art, and art is reflected by society. Time will only tell if this part of society will be reflected in art.


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