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(8) If everyone is ‘special’ how do you stand out? October 27, 2011

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(Note: Blog post inspired by Tracey Wong- just cleaned up) (democracy of good ideas)

Honestly, if we are all creative and are capable of greatness how do the great ones rise to the top? Tracey Wong an advertising alum from UO believes that in advertising “anyone can have a good advertising idea, everyone needs to be invested in the creative process. It’s just one of the paths to better creative. ” Well that’s great Tracey! If we are all full of grand ideas how do I stomp (politely) on the competition? Fortunately he endowed on us some knowledge, with a pinch of mine added as well.

Largest hurdle? Getting over yourself

That’s right, us millennials have the hardest time letting go of our egos. That is the worst thing we can do for ourselves, not let go of ourselves. We are not connected to our ideas, we are more than that. We are as good as the people we work with, our end product. Our ideas are going to be shut down. We will not be patted on our back for just doing our jobs everyday. The most talented humble people in this business are the ones every junior-level to VP’s want to work with. I WILL be the person every janitor to CEO wants to work with one day. (If that isn’t to egotistical.)

How do you get an idea? Listen and plan

How can you know what the client wants without listening? It sounds so simple and yet, it’s not. Most of the time, the customer doesn’t know what you know. If they did, why would they pay you? But, why would they pay you if you don’t take in their opinion? Everyone wants to be involved in the process. After you done all the listening and collaborating it is time to plan.

Besides some rare fly-off-the-seat-of-you-pants campaigns, good ones take planning. It takes strategy to create great work. A plan isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ act. Every client is different so every strategy should be different.

I hope these tactics will help me rise to the top. I will try to set aside my ego, listen to the client (even if I don’t want to) and plan. Stay tuned for results =)


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