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(7) Media Planning Work Shop October 16, 2011

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I felt like the biggest nerd last Friday. Not because I read a graphic novel or watched the Star Wars series all in one day, but I went to an academic workshop that had no bearing on my grade. I actively sought new material for my own education.

All geeky-ness aside, I had a fantastic time. An extremely talented professor and media planner at the University of Oregon- Dave Koranda- dedicated his Friday afternoon into helping myself, and about 15 other UO students learning the art of media planning. At the start Dave warned us by saying “I am condensing a whole term in these three hours, get ready.” It was the most interactive eye-opening class I have ever been to. Above anything else, I got curious.

Media planning sounded interesting to me. I think the media is a necessary evil that I could handle and I am a great planner. I figured putting two and two together could be an ideal fit for me. What I didn’t realize how ideal of a match it is. I did not use my full seat the entire three hours. I was leaning forward, actively participating writing notes down vigorously and absorbing as much as I possibly could. The best part about the workshop-I wasn’t the only one feeling this way. This small group of us  either had a light bulb turn on during the time or did prior. We all had a strong passion for media planning and want to actively pursue it.

After the workshop was over we didn’t pack up quickly and get out. Most of us just slowly sauntered around speaking to one another about media planning. We wanted to know the next course of action-when could we do this again? I, and others, had a fantastic idea of starting a UO media planners club. The logistics of it have not been figured out but it is something we were all very interested in pursuing. If any of you are interested look for the #uomediaplanners hashtag and watch what happens!


2 Responses to “(7) Media Planning Work Shop”

  1. neethuramchandar Says:

    I felt like a nerd during the workshop too! But absolutely loved it. There was so much creative energy in the room. I hope we get a group together for regular meetings and get the Dean to come in and hear our ideas!

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