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(5) My Triple Bottom Line October 14, 2011

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Many of us have heard of the triple bottom line. For those who have not it is when a business focuses on three different areas of success; financial bottom line, environmental bottom line and social bottom line.

The financial bottom line is one many of us are familiar with. It is basically maximizing profits and creating the most wealth for the stockholders. The environmental bottom line has become more popular recently. In part because it does help the financial bottom line. But also because of the consumer mindset being more focused on environmental impact. And lastly, the social bottom line is more complicated to define. It is doing right b people. Not only your consumers but with employees and the community. Thinking about the social bottom line means to treat employees with respect by taking care of their needs. All of these add up to one thing; a great company to work for.

Being an employee at a company who thinks about the triple bottom line is as good as it gets. It means it is a fiscally strong company, environmentally conscious and cares about you and the community you live in.  If I ran a company it would look something like this …

I would search long and hard for a numbers guru. They would think outside the box, be shrewd about financial transactions and be completely invested in how my company performed. I would offer incentives for them to care about the progress of the company and keep them informed on every financial transaction.

Next I would make as environmentally friendly of a workspace as I could. Allowing easy access for recycling and composting. Every new employee would receive a water bottle, coffee mug and a lunch pale with the company logo on them to promote being sustainable in and outside the office.

Once I have secured the first two bottom lines I would spend the majority amount of my efforts on the third, social. I would provide excellent health care for all my employees and a matching 401k. Not only that, but I would focus on wellness and the promotion of healthy living. Besides that I would have my company newsletter capitalize on my employees strengths and successes. Most importantly, I would set up community service work days. During these days the business would shut down and volunteer with a local non-profit in the area.

I hope when I graduate I work for a company that operates on the triple bottom line system. It creates a healthy and productive environment to create beautiful and strategic work. If I can’t find one I guess I will have to start my own.


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