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(2) RIP Steve Jobs October 5, 2011

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I have never met Steve Jobs. He never held an office in government, he didn’t fight for world peace and he didn’t try to stop global warming. And yet, seeing the tweet that Steve Jobs had died stopped me in my tracks. Besides this being a tragic event for his family and Apple it is a loss to the advertising world.


Steve Jobs was a financial man. He ran a company with more money than the US government. He helped spread one of the best ads of all time-1984 Macintosh commercial.


Not only did Jobs spread creativity with the advertisements he helped create, he did it with his technology. I don’t know a creative company who does not make their beautiful work on a Mac. The iPhone has taken this nation by storm and is seen more than any other. The iPad revolutionized what we thought about the line between phones and computers. And to briefly touch on the popularity of Mac Books I can tell you while writing this, I see 10 computers and nine of them are Apple.


I never knew this man. I do not know him for his great philanthropic work; I don’t recognize him as being an evil corporate figure. His death has marked the end of an era. This man has touched so many lives and changed so many industries and probably never realized it. He will be missed. Why, I am not positive but it is enough of an impact to have me write my mini-good-bye letter less than a minute after hearing the news.



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