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(1) Advertising, it’s all in good clean fun, right? October 4, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — Jen J. Ashley @ 8:30 pm

Besides taking my Creative Strategist class this term, I am also in J 320 Gender, Race and Inequality. My first day of J 320 was stereotypical day of going over the syllabus. On my second day of class after sprinting from Creative Strat to the other end of campus to my inequality class I saw something I wasn’t expecting, Advertisements. What? I left my advertising class on the other end of campus right? Wrong.

Our introduction to our countries’ ideology of the past was showed to us through advertisements. It was shocking to think that looking at our past actions and mindset is as simple as looking at what the advertising agency created. Here are just two that we were shown.

I am not trying to say that the advertising agency was evil. Society reflects art; at least that is what I believe. The industry at that time was filled with members of the society. They were white, upper-class men who probably had never even heard of the word ‘racism’ at the time.  It was amazing to me to hear all of us in class take in a gasp of breath when looking at such blatant inequality that was never thought of as disgusting. It makes me wonder what 20 years from now people will say about our advertisements of today. Agencies believe that the work they put out (in general) is very pc. Will it still be true decades from now? We will see.


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