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Communication: Summed up in 5 Words May 10, 2011

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The way we communicate today is anywhere from long feature stories in the New York Times to 140 character tweets. How do those compare? They all fall under 1 of the 5 areas of communication. The forms are educating, informing, explaining, inspiring, and entertaining.


This falls under clarification. Such as Obama’s tweets about how we are at war with Al Qaeda and not the Islamic religion or the people who follow it.


Quick. Simple. Concise. This follows under the guidelines of who, what, when, where, why and how. Yes, a tweet can not necessarily contain all of these answers, but it can at least provide a link to get the rest of the informative information. Todays communication is more so about informing than getting the details.


This is where in todays culture communication might get lost. This is a difficult compelling form for the modern day fast paced world. Explaining takes time. Twitter does not fall under this word precisely. However, Twitter provides a place to learn of many topics quickly and for someone to choose which topic to have explained to the,.


Inspiration can be one word. Go. That one always resonated with me. It could be a quick sentence or as long as Martin Luther King’s Birmingham Letter. I find many tweets inspiring. Modern day communication falls extremely well under this category.

Last but not least …


Of course, entertainment. The original source and reason for social media. The break we all need from our lives. Entertainment can be in the form of a quick tweeted joke or a shared YouTube video on Facebook. Entertainment is the most popular form of communication on social media and I can only hope we get funnier and more frequent with our laughter.


3 Responses to “Communication: Summed up in 5 Words”

  1. Bob Bobberson Says:

    Cool article, but in the 5th paragraph about inspiring, make sure to change resinated to resonated. Resinated means to impregnate or infuse something with resin. Resonated means to invoke a shared feeling of emotion

    • Oh thank you very much! I always get confused between those similar words. Especially affected and effected.

      • Bob Bobberson Says:

        The easy thing to know about affect and effect is that effect is 99% of the time a noun and affect is always a verb. The effect; this something affects me

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