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Do’s for Interns May 2, 2011

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While looking through my Twitter feed I saw a post called 5 Words for PR Interns to Live By The 5 words being listen, ask, show up, dress,and humility. All extremely important aspects to being a good intern.


As interns we do not know everything. Let me say that differently, we basically know nothing when it comes to our future career path. Interns are learning from professionals who have been in the business for years. We are lucky and to be around such rockstars of the field that the best way to show our respect is to shut up and listen.


Bosses we intern for can not tell you everything you will ever need to know about the field unless you ask. They can’t read minds. Also, asking questions shows how you are following word number one, listening.

Show Up

Being a recently of age intern myself, I understand that life can sometimes seem more like a party than anything else. However, getting the opportunity to intern in a field that you desire to be in is more than beneficial, it can be essential. The world is a small place, especially in one facet of business. If you do not think missing half your interning days will not have a negative effect on you because you won’t work for that company in the future, you are sadly mistaken.


When I was interviewing for my internship I asked what other interns have found the hardest part in the past. My interviewers answer? Being there from 9-5 and dressing appropriately. To me that was bewildering. With more thought put into it I came up with the conclusion that this has to be hard for girls adorned in yoga pants daily and guys just wearing their favorite team memorabilia. Just because all appropriate areas are covered does not make it professional.


We are young, we will mess up. Admit to it. Own it. Learn from it. Grow from it.


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