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Netiquette: Do you follow the simple rules? April 24, 2011

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Online life and real life are blending together. The lines are disappearing rapidly changing the dynamics of how we percieve one another. When communicating via face to face we have instinctual cues to gage the others meanings. There are facial, non-verbal movements and most importantly, tone. When online all that someone has to understand is the lone word. Words are powerful, when choosen correctly. A poorly placed word can be detrimental to a conversation.

 Imagine a conversation with the word “fine” in it. Fine can mean, yes that is ok by me. Or it can be dripping with an attitude of being upsest. Now think about just seeing the word fine. One word can befuddle a person. Is it really fine? Or are they upset? Why should they be upset with me? I didn’t do anything. I am the one that should be upset! … and so it snowballs into something that really was nothing.

The internet provides new people and worlds we would have never known otherwise. It is important to realize that what is put out into the world of the interwebs is still a reflection upon ourselves. Never underestimate the power of the written-or typed- word. What you do on the internet, should be paralleled with what you would do in real life. Before writing anything on the internet think to yourself “Would I say this in person?” If yes, then it is probably good netiquette and you can continue. If not, rethink what you are saying and how better to portray yourself.

Fore more questions and simple rules visit on Netiquette.


Social Media: Personal or Private April 16, 2011

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First things first, you have or are getting a social media site – Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook etc. You need to decide if you want a professional, personal, or my personal favorite, a professional-personal account.

Professional Account

When having a strictly professional account you should think about who is viewing it. Family and friends may not be the best to add. You never know if an old college buddy might write on your wall about getting “wasted” or your mother tweeting about you and her going underwear shopping. Also, your family doesn’t want to just see you re-tweeting an interesting news story about a change in tax law that will benefit your company or constant Facebook links with helpful hints for your resume.

Personal Account

The most important aspect to a personal account is privacy. You must be constantly updating your privacy settings on account of how often they are changed in social media-especaially Facebook. The internet is quickly becoming the number one source of communication for most people. It is essential that you remember that employers will always be trying to find a way on your personal account to find out who you really are. Here is an insightful image when dealing with personal and private accounts.

Personal-Professional Account

Now the personal-professoinal account, my favorite and arguably the best to use. The name explains it, you have your personal family and friends with business contacts mixed in there as well. Privacy is still a must have for this account, but it is not as deadly if you are not checking the settings weekly. A rule of thumb to remember with this account – do not post anything you would not like your favorite high school teacher to see. So this has some leniency. Your teacher knew who your friends were and what the sort of issues you talked about, however they did not need to know that you “raged” last night or what boy/girl you may have been with.

I personally do not like to follow my friends “professional” accounts on Facebook or Twitter. It is uninteresting to myself and gives me nothing for who they are. However, if you have a problem keeping your professional and social life off the internet, I would recommend two separate accounts. Just remember …



Hello world! April 5, 2011

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